Merwede kanaalzone, Utrecht

About this project

Redevelopment of a smart business park into 100,000 m2 residential and 12,000 m2 commercial areas.

  • Investor: Round Hill Capital
  • Developer: Boelens de Gruijter / G&S Vastgoed
  • Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Consultant team: Rijnbout, Inbo, Anna (Architects), Techniplan/Valstar Simonis (MEP consultants), DGMR (Fire safety, building physics), Van Rossum (Structural Engineer)
  • MC2 service: technical developer
  • Status: in development

This project consists of the redevelopment of a smart business park which currently houses 12 office villas that will eventually be demolished to make room for the new urban district of Merwede. This is part of the Merwedekanaal zone and comprises a total of 6000 homes and 100,000 m2 of non-residential space. These homes are part of the B1, B4, B5 and B12 building blocks. Each building block consists of several buildings.