MC2 Management is an architectural project management agency specialized in real estate development, construction management, project management and technical investment management in the sectors (mixed use) Student housing, Residential, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Offices and Logistics.

MC2 Management supports and advises (institutional) investors, property owners and developers in all phases of the property. MC2 Management exceeds your expectations with our expertise, quality, flexibility and efficient approach. Our extensive experience in the various sectors, from initiation to execution, including the delivery of complexes to the technical management of complexes for investors, results in the correct management of your project.

MC2 Management distinguishes itself not only in its high quality services, but also in the cooperation with its clients. Our clients are our partners. Why do we call them partners? We commit to the interests of the partners, inside and outside the projects. We use our network to help each other and share our facilities. We always go one step further for our partners for the best results and great satisfaction.

MC2 is highly committed and values ​​its partners. Our branding is proud to say 'Most Committed to '.


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Always a suitable solution

MC2 Management surpasses by combining the familiar project management method with technical investment management. As a result, the real estate process is managed in terms of content, money, quality and risk management. Our approach is characterized by a practical, result-oriented and no-nonsense attitude for total unburdening.

We always go a step further with our advice, so that you as clients receive a suitable solution with concrete technical and financial recommendations. It is our mission to ensure that your results are achieved and that this is completely (technically) unburdened. We manage the technical real estate processes for investors and developers, eliminating / avoiding setbacks through our out-of-the-box approach.

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Our vision


MC2 Management has extensive experience in the field of technical management of real estate from initiation to management. We have provided many investors / investment managers with advice in the field of technical asset and acquisition management, technical contract management and construction and tender management. Click here. for an overview of our projects in the investment sector.


The M2C Management team has also guided many developers in the field of technical construction issues. Our services range from development management, feasibility studies, technical due diligence to management including quality control. Click here. for an overview of our projects in the development phases.


MC2 Management offers versatile services for all phases in the construction and real estate market. Below is a list of its services. If you are looking for services that are not described below, MC2 management may still be able to help you by linking you to one of its partners.

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